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Audiosocket is a music licensing company that gives visual media creators a way to quickly discover and license original music.

We've assembled a roster of exceptional bands and composers who are creating culturally relevant music in every style and genre. To help you get the right tunes for your creative work, we've built industry leading technologies that make licensing as simple as a click of a button.

Easily Discover, Share and License Extraordinary Music

Audiosocket's MaaS™ (Music as a Service) technology puts licensing music at your fingertips. Search music, discover artists, and license music cleared for any right, any term, and any territory.

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Exceptional Music

Get the highest caliber of original music thanks to Audiosocket's highly selective audition process.

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Pre-negotiated licenses guarantee a quick & seamless purchase. Need custom licenses? We’ve got that.


Share your playlists, or download your tracks whenever you like. Music management has never been easier.

"As a one man production company, I appreciate Audiosocket's fast communication and the wide selection of music their library has to offer."

"Audiosocket's selection is top notch, the site is user friendly, and the humans that work there have always provided first rate service. It feels like I have my own 'music concierge'."

Josh Rosenbaum

"Working with the Audiosocket team has been a great experience. They are extremely responsive and they work closely with us to identify new opportunities.

We have used their services and products in-house and made it available to our global clients through their licensing platform. Their music is top notch and their technology is easy to use and very intuitive.

We've appreciated the service and style of their team and their products."

"Audiosocket allows our agency to work like a record label, breaking a band when we have a new track on one of our spots."

Sean Vernaglia

"Their music library is huge with a wide range of genres and quality music to fit any project. Whether you are looking for music for a wedding film, short film, you name it, you can definitely find it here!"

Tom and Jennifer

Building Partnerships In A World Of Creative Possibility

Our roster of original music and our service have attracted some of the most recognized brands in the industry. Check out samples of their work featuring selected music from some of our amazing artists.

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