Technology Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers. Read our frequently asked questions to get a better idea on how our MaaS™ system works.

  • What is MaaS?

    MaaS is a trademark of Audiosocket's that stands for Music as a Service. Fundamentally designed for integration into video editing and sharing platforms, gaming, mobile and photo sharing sites, MaaS enables today's digital media companies to bring our music search and licensing technology to their end users - delivering more than 50,000 tracks for use in any media.

  • What does MaaS Offer?

    MaaS has two distinct products. MaaS API is what you'd expect, an API that enables media companies to fully integrate our technology. The developer can customize the UI and UX as they see fit.

    MaaS Storefront is a white label product that enables digital media companies to integrate our technology and content without needing to build on our API. All partners need to do is an initial single sign on (SS0) so their users are automatically logged in to the Storefront. All UI and UX is designed by Audiosocket and the platform is fully hosted and controlled by us. Partners provide their logo and brand colors and we "skin" the Storefront to match their brand identity.

  • I'm a Developer, can I use MaaS?

    It's possible. We're always looking for talented developers and media companies to work with. Get in touch with us to submit an overview of your idea and request an API key. Qualified concepts will be granted access after we execute a mutual NDA.