Licensing Questions

Take a look at our frequently asked questions about our licensing services.

  • Do you provide search assistance?

    Yes. For commercial projects, our expert staff can help guide you through the numerous tracks, genres, and artists in our roster. If there’s a specific mood, tone, or genre of music you’re looking for, we can certainly offer suggestions.

  • How much does it cost?

    While Audiosocket has competitive prices, cost depends on your project and needs. Our staff is experienced in structuring licenses for any traditional and digital media markets.

  • How quickly can I get my music?

    Fast! All of Audiosocket’s music is pre-cleared and can be licensed in minutes. If your need is greater than the plans/licenses provided on our website, our staff will work with you to get the licensing you need quickly.

  • What rights can you provide?

    Everything. Any rights, any term, any territory.

  • Do you offer music supervision?

    We do! Audiosocket believes in working with clients from beginning to end. We have a keen understanding of what a project entails. We work closely with each of our clients for the duration of the relationship.

  • Can you help obtain clearance for mainstream music?

    Absolutely! We know that obtaining rights can often be confusing, cumbersome, and down right frustrating! Audiosocket's clearance team is well seasoned in navigating the mercurial waters of this industry, and ensuring efficient delivery within a rapidly shrinking production cycle. We cut through the clutter to save time while reducing fees and expanding resources.

  • Will you act as producer for custom music needs?

    Yes. Audiosocket doesn’t simply provide the music and leave the rest to you. Whether it is a custom recording, full production score, or a re-mix of a song, we work to make sure the music is exactly what you need.

  • Do you provide blanket deals?

    Like it’s a warm, fuzzy one! We work with the client to make sure that any music used in a blanket deal is properly tracked and reported so that nothing is left to chance.

  • Can I use your music for personal use?

    You sure can! At Audiosocket we believe even your home videos and slideshows of those special times should have great music to go with it. Our music is affordable for everyone and will make your vacation slideshow, or that birthday video something you’ll want to watch again and again!

  • I’m producing a web series, do you provide blanket deals?

    Yes. We can provide blanket deals based on a few factors including the number of episodes in your series. We are mindful of today’s digital media budgets and work with you to make sure pricing falls within yours. Email us to learn more:

  • I’m a business that produces content for my website and YouTube. Can I use your music?

    Of course you can! A Business License allows an individual, company, or third party end user to use a song in a single film or video (including a webisode or slideshow) that may be streamed on the web for commercial purposes or used for corporate presentations and trade shows. It can be used for promotional, editorial, informational or entertainment purposes, but does not include any broadcast rights and cannot be used as a direct advertisement.

  • I’m a professional photographer/videographer. Do you have music for slideshows or videos I sell to my clients?

    We actually have license dedicated to you and only you! Music can be used in a single video or slideshow documenting or highlighting an event such as a wedding, party, festival, etc. The product can be sold to clients in physical formats such as dvds (limited to 50), streamed on the web and posted to websites. We offer single licenses and packages.

  • I produce a vlog and need music. Can I use your music?

    Yes. Music for a Vlog (Video Blog) can be used for background use in a non-branded non-commercial, self-financed Vlog. Pricing is based on the number of impressions. For the purposes of this license, a Vlog may be defined as any short form programming produced and narrated by an individual with the intent to provide commentary on a given topic for a personal Vlog.