Licensing Services

Audiosocket has a wealth of experience helping traditional and digital media find the right match for their clients.

Audiosocket’s licensing team has extensive experience in music rights and artist discovery. We understand all legal facets of music licensing and rights administration. Our artists grant Audiosocket full rights to license their songs for any use, any term, and any territory.

Audiosocket executes more than 8,000 licenses per month and is proud to say we have never had a rights dispute with a client, artist or third party. Whether you need to clear songs from our roster of emerging artists and award-winning composers, or gain access to famous artists, we have the tools and knowledge to help you realize your vision.

Traditional Licenses

For traditional licenses, we work globally with production houses, studios and agencies, both large and small, to provide music for film, television, and commercials.

Digital Licenses

Audiosocket recognizes that digital media is expanding in the personal and commercial markets. It spans from "mom-and-pop" birthday or wedding videos, to semi-professional photographers growing their hobby, to commercial brands broadening their reach in this new medium.

Take a look at our License FAQ's or get in touch with us to learn more about what Audiosocket can do for you.

LicenseID™: License Protection & Verification

To protect and verify licenses we created LicenseID (LID), a new music licensing tool that helps audio licensees, licensors, and digital distribution platforms solve copyright compliance issues. Using a patent pending technology that instantly embeds a unique tag into the audio file as each track is licensed, LicenseID delivers data to rights holders on where tracks are being used.