How To Audition

Does Audiosocket sound like a good match for you or your band? Send us some music, we'd love to check it out.

Upload four (4) MP3 tracks on our artists' portal and we'll review them within sixty days. Please remember, you must confirm that the material you submit is yours - written and recorded by you, not sampled and no covers. Any music that does not meet this criteria will not be accepted.

Once we receive your submission it will go through a review process. If your music is approved, we will send you a notice and invite you into the catalog, outlining the next steps. If your music isn't quite what we're looking for, we'll certainly send you a notice as well. If your audition isn't accepted don't fret. You can always audition more songs in the future.

If your music is accepted, anyone who owns any part of the master recording or the publishing, or anyone who has rights over the music in any way must sign an Audiosocket agreement prior to final acceptance. You indemnify Audiosocket and our clients if / should your accepted works infringe upon the rights of another. Or, as we'd say had we not been infected by the lawyer gene, submit your own work. Don't infringe on copyrights - protect your assets, and we'll protect ours.

Once all the paperwork is signed and sealed, your music will be added to the player and ready to be licensed! Have more questions? See if we answer them in our FAQ's or, if you've still got questions, contact us directly and we'll be glad to help!

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