The Krewe

Our team is filled with dependable, soulful, and energetic people who are passionate about music and always thinking about "better."

It's the people at Audiosocket that make it great. We're staffed with extremely talented developers, music classifiers, wonderful artists, and caring support staff. Take a look at our bios below and learn a little more about our beloved "Socketheads."

  • Brent McCrossen
    Brent McCrossen Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
    As CEO of Audiosocket Brent works with his partners, staff and board to craft a vision and strategy that equally benefits the company, the musicians, and the media producers it services. With over 13 years in the music business, Brent made his mark as the co-founder of Interface Booking and Management, where he secured festival performances for his artists and controlled the talent buying for three Seattle music venues.
  • Jenn Miller
    Jennifer Miller President, Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder
    Jenn oversees Audiosocket’s operations and works with co-Founder, Brent, to develop strategy, culture and community. Following her seven-year tenure at WWSRA as executive director, she was ready to start her own business stemming from her passion, music. She and Brent met in 2007 and formed a partnership that would become Audiosocket.
  • Romain Beauxis
    Romain Beauxis Developer
    Romain represents the motherland of Louisiana at Audiosocket's New Orleans office. As part of the engineering team, he develops, breaks, and tries to fix Audiosocket's applications. Romain holds a Computer Science PhD from the École Polytechnique of Paris. Before joining Audiosocket, he was teaching and doing research at Tulane University. He is also involved in several open-source projects.
  • Travis Geer
    Travis Geer Compliance Manager
    Travis graduated with a degree in Ethnomusicology, which is just as impressive as it sounds. Though guitar is his instrument of choice, you may find him noodlin' with the Irish tin whistle, bagpipes, piano, Latin Percussion, and even the Ghanaian xylophone if he's feeling saucy. As diverse as his instrument interests are, so is his experience in the various facets of the music industry which include performance, musical direction, and mixing live sound. And this boy can dance!
  • Dave Siegfried
    Dave Siegfried Chief Financial Officer
    Dave is responsible for all financial operations of Audiosocket, including financing, accounting and reporting. He brings over 13 years of financial and entrepreneurial experience, across multiple industries, and is a board member of the National Film Festival for Talented Youth.
  • Justin Marcellus
    Justin Marcellus Head of Roster
    Justin is an original member of the Audiosocket family and has been maintaining our roster of artists since the days when we all worked in our living rooms. Representing Audiosocket out of LA, Justin is also a professional network TV composer for networks such as The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, A&E, and Fox.
  • Mike Ayars
    Mike Ayars Royalty and Music Supervision
    Mike comes to us with vast musical experience. He has a music degree with an emphasis in jazz guitar, and has spent the past five years on and off the road in a signed major label band. He learned a lot about melody and music through the creation of two records. His latest ventures have landed him in the Emerald City and in the comfortable home of Audiosocket. He brings a passion for music and an understanding of what it's like trying to get established as an artist. Mike manages royalty collection and assists with A&R and traditional licensing.
  • Sarah Hunt
    Sarah Hunt Head of A&R and Music Supervision
    Sarah brings to Audiosocket a 14 year background in the music industry, working with major and independent labels in artist management and development, PR, event production, talent scouting, international touring, marketing and digital distribution.
  • Alex Hemard
    Alex Hemard Developer
    Alex joins Audiosocket's engineering team. Alex has developed for the healthcare and travel industries, prior to joining Audiosocket. Before his software development days, Alex dabbled in music and video production.
  • Jeff Meigs
    Jeff Meigs Compliance Department
    Californian turned Seattleite, Jeff brings a deep connection to music to the Audiosocket team. In addition to playing drums at one of Seattle's many excellent venues, he can be found holed up in the studio for hours on end, losing that California tan (it's long gone). After getting a social science degree and working for a few years in international relations, he was intent on getting back to his passion through a career in the music industry. In his downtime he nerds out over analog synths and fails at playing like ?uestlove.
  • Joe Large
    Joe Large Business Development - Midwest
    Joe Large is a Philly-bread, Colorado-based photographer, filmmaker, and music licensing extraordinaire. When he isn't busy getting unicorn tattoos you can find him out in the backcountry, at the ice rink, or in the studio editing away. He brings a filmmaker’s background to the table, and understands how important it is to find that perfect song for your project.
  • Chris Albright
    Chris Albright Licensing & Supervision
    A proud Chicagoan (Go Bulls!) Chris brings 9 years of record label, publishing, and music licensing experience to Audiosocket's Exclusive Roster. Since he began dubbing in music for his friends’ high school films utilizing a VHS player and Sony Stereo System he has prided himself on finding the perfect song for each project. Besides devouring delicious sandwiches Chris can be found riding his trusty Schwinn Varsity, making cold brew, and catching up on the latest comics.
  • Kim Lee
    Kim Lee Compliance Department
    Kim is a part of the licensing and compliance team with Audiosocket. She graduated from the Seattle University School of Law where she worked with a public defense agency and helped clients navigate through the criminal justice system. After graduating and passing the Washington bar exam, she decided to refocus her interests in copyright and intellectual property law and volunteered with Simplify Recordings and Washington Lawyers for the Arts.
  • Emilia Ellington
    Sabrina Kondelis Finance Manager, Licensing & Compliance
    A Seattle-area native, Sabrina has a long-standing affinity for fresh, moving indie music. Early on, she built a solid skill base in accounting, while also pursuing her passion as an artist. Sabrina loves hiking, rock climbing, and tearing up the dance floor!
  • Shelly Karpowicz
    Shelly Karpowicz Creative Music Licensing Executive
    Based in LA, Shelly brings to Audiosocket a solid background in Music Licensing with over fifteen years of music library experience working with broadcast networks, production companies and marketing agencies. Her passion for music, art and technology is the driving force that guides her to find the very best solution for every situation. As a web designer, Shelly has a creative perspective and a technical understanding of how to deliver the perfect message through music and media.
  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Executive Vice President of Food Strategy, Naps, and Office Morale
    Mad Dog enjoys dog treats, long walks at lunchtime, and destroying unsuspecting stuffed animals.