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Finally, a way to make music licensing easier and faster than ever with MaaS technology.

What Is MaaS?

MaaS (Music as a Service) is a music search and licensing technology that lets our media partners provide music licensing solutions to their own end users. Content creators can search, stream, and license tens of thousands of pre-cleared tracks from our quality roster of bands and award-winning composers.

As the innovators of MaaS, Audiosocket is curating and delivering the best indie music to content creators, mobile, and digital media companies worldwide for hassle-free licensing.

MaaS : Storefront
MaaS : Storefront

Storefront offers digital media partners a hosted, individually branded, customizable version of MaaS. It is fully hosted by Audiosocket and eliminates the need for integration on the partner’s end.

For filmmakers and content creators, the MaaS Storefront provides a plug-and-play web presence. Storefront delivers affordable, copyright-compliant music for immediate discovery and licensing for video or photo editing or sharing on partner sites.

MaaS : API
MaaS : API

API enables any digital media company to deliver music, and offer search and licensing solutions to their end-users. Partners can fully integrate the music search technology into their own site and build the music player as they see fit to support their needs. All design, features, search functionality, file formats and delivery are under the control of the partner.

You can set up search filters ranging from the genre of music to a specific artist, from tempo to the mood of a piece, or from instruments used in a song to the theme of the music.

Have questions about MaaS? Take a look at our FAQ's or contact one of our offices for more details.

LicenseID™: License Authentication & Verification

LicenseID (LID) is a patent-pending technology for music licensors and media distribution platforms to share and track music licenses securely. LID embeds a unique tag directly into an audio file as it is licensed to ensure copyright compliance.

LID's unique license tag is then recognized and validated by video sharing platforms, digital distribution channels, television networks and websites using LID technology. The tag can be traced by music labels, libraries and publishers providing transparency on where the works are licensed and by whom.

Interested to read more about LID? Read over our LicenseID section or contact us for more details.